Voice & Data

DII Consulting Voice and Data services offers businesses access to high speed VOIP services via network of trusted phone and Internet service providers. Our VOIP services help you establish a fully integrated and highly effective communication solution system for your company.

Voice & Data

From Hosted IP telephony to traditional, we can assist you with everything! Our experts will assist you to properly identify your voice requirements and empower your business with cost effective solutions offering innovative functionality and scalability. We offer voice & data services orange county that help you establishing a fully integrated system.

We have a well-established network of recognized trusted voice and Internet service providers with whom we deal on a regular basis. We will evaluate your business’s requirements and then work on your behalf to choose the perfect provider for your company’s size and communication requirements.

What we offer:

  • Fonality hosted VOIP services
  • Carrier communications
    • Access Point
    • MetTel

We serve a wide range of companies with highest degree of customer care and reliability. Our extensive network of VOIP service providers, cable Internet providers, broadband and satellite providers help you access to the most complete portfolio of telecommunications services in the country.

voice & data services orange county

Let us help you select the best voice and data services.