Social Media Marketing Trends

Nobody I know has a definitive answer to what the future holds even so Marcus Andrews at Hubpsot has done a great job of giving us some insight. With solid research in hand Marcus sheds light on Social Media trends that marketers will need to be part of if they are to succeed. As so many have said before it’s about getting the potential customers attention and adding value. The linked article is a quick read and packed with good information so whether a business trying to determine where to put marketing dollars or a marketing agency wondering where to focus efforts you should read this article.


  • The Social Platform –  don’t make the user leave the platform to contact you.
  • Video – People want it
  • Mobile – 80% of social media usage is on a mobile devices
  • Social Ads – “An ad powered by great content that is part of a well targeted inbound campaign is something your audience will welcome” 

You will find the article here: The Future of Social Media Is Here: These Are the Trends You Need to Know

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