Online Marketing: 3 principles – Foundation

It’s madness out there….. Sales Funnels, Ad-rolls, Pixels, PPC, Voice, Social Media and so much more. Online or Digital marketing has become crazy (and expensive)  and yet no one has the answers as to what really actually works, why is that? Because at many levels each company has unique needs. That said we at DII Consulting Inc.  have found and recommend three principals that if followed can truly establish, promote and scale your online marketing efforts with adjustments for change on market conditions and company focus. These are not quick black hat “get on the first page of google” gimmicks, they are serious effort filled business practices that when implemented to your companies requirements will produce results.

Below is the first principle and its sub-categories bullet pointed for quick review.

Foundation: The goal here is organic (non-pay) search results. A longer cycle for results but well worth it when done right. Web Design and Development

  • Website – should be well built and search engine friendly
    • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) both in-page and on site
      • Keywords (words people use in searches)
        • Page, site. headers, content, URL
      • Content (well written verbiage)
      • Images
        • Alt tags
        • Descriptions
        • visually catching
      • Meta tags
      • Sitemap
      • Submit sitemap to Google search console and other search engine indexing
      • Establish a google analytic s account

There is a world of information on how to create a solid website with these attributes and it is amazing to us how many do not follow these best practices. Need help getting started? give us a call we are focused on helping people succeed: 949.285.1908

Next week it’s part two – Online Marketing: 3 principles


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