Online Marketing: 3 Principles – Analytics

It’s madness out there….. Sales Funnels, Ad-rolls, Pixels, PPC, Voice, Social Media and so much more. Online or Digital marketing has become crazy (and expensive) and yet no one has the answers as to what really actually works, why is that? Because at many levels each company has unique needs. That said we at DII Consulting Inc. have found and recommend three principals that if followed can truly establish, promote and scale your online marketing efforts with adjustments for change on market conditions and company focus. These are not quick black hat “get on the first page of google” gimmicks, they are serious effort filled business practices that when implemented to your companies requirements will produce results.

Below is the third principle and its categories bullet pointed for quick review.

Analytics / Business Intelligence – You’ve laid the best foundation possible and put forth the effort to market your business in as best as you can. Step three calls for analyzing the results of all your labors and incorporating your findings in the form of adjustments back into the marketing process. Interpretation of the meaning of data is key here as a result proper analytic tools are crucial.

  • Google Analytics
    • Really not much to elaborate on as the name speaks for itself. While there are several web analytics companies out there like Alexa and Moz for example, Google Analytics is the main go to reporting tool for most online marketing professionals.DII Consulting buisness analytics
  • CRM
    • If you went ahead and created a CRM account to manage your clients and potentials clients or even as a marketing platform, make sure to analyze reports from this data source as well.
  • Wireless Networks
    • These days grabbing the meta data from your wireless networks is a treasure trove of information. With the proper Access Points ( At DII we like Open Mesh) a business owner can see where customers and guests are spending time online while suing the free wifi. This knowledge can help direct advertising dollars, identify competitors and produce a database of the highly valued repeat customers.

Now that you have all your reports and data what do you do? The next step will be to consolidate the mass amount of information into a readable, digestible, visually appealing format. At DII Consulting we like to use Tableau.

  • Tableau
    • This is an excellent business intelligence tool that provides a visual data experience allowing for in depth reporting and deep diving into the marketing numbers. Tableau connects directly to google analytics  as well as many other data sources.

There is a world of information on how to analyze data and the tools available. Need help getting started? give us a call we are focused on helping people succeed: 949.285.1908. We also offer a FREE website analysis that you order by simply calling us or filling out our online form found here: Search Engine Optimization Report

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